Direct Marketing is one of the most overlooked yet one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to dramatically increase the leads to your business.
It includes but n ot limited to:

Here at Impactful we use cutting-edge marketing technology and customized marketing plans to achieve customer satisfaction. We cannot say that we are the best marketing firm in the country but we can tell you why we are different that our rivals.

  • Targeted Campaigns : In general direct marketing starts with a solid database, typically our customer database captures the key characteristics of prospects and customers who are most ready, willing, and able to purchase your product or service. It includes demographic information about their age, income, education, gender, psychographic information such as motives to purchase, hobbies, interests, previous purchases, repeat purchases and the amount spent on each transaction. There you have it, a simplified targeting system. Direct Mail Telemarketing Internet and Social Media Sales Promotion Outdoor Advertising Press releases
  • Personalized Offer : your campaign offer will be specifically designed for your target market. All offers will be addressed to each target by his/her name enhancing customer value and to make sure that the targeted customer is the one getting the offer value.
  • Precise delivery system : Our distribution department uses the confirm-to-receive strategy which allows the distributor to either confirm arriving the offer to the target or by getting the target to sign on receiving the offer to ensure the delivery of the offer and prevent any losses.
  • Cost Effective Marketing : direct Marketing in general is considered one of the most effective and yet inexpensive marketing tool. Comparing it to other advertising methods such as TV commercials; direct marking reaches a bigger amount of leads, inexpensively and in a shorter amount of time.
  • It builds customer Loyalty : Reaching 2000 customer in an area will not only get you leads to your business but it will make those customers aware of your brand name giving your brand name a better chance of getting known. Using a technique we call (chain campaigns) which is s series of continuous campaigns will increase the level of customer loyalty.